Should cheerleading be involved in 2016 Olympic games?

It’s no secret that everyone involved with cheerleading has tried to gain sports status for many years. While this is still an issue in the UK, especially with in universities, around the world more and more people are starting to accept that cheerleading is in fact a sport.

The next step for cheerleading is the Olympic Games. Whilst there have been many comments against the idea, becoming an Olympic sport would be a landmark for cheerleaders. Olympic recognition would prove what those involved have been trying to prove for a long time. It would also open a lot of people’s eyes to what cheerleading really is.

Those who define cheerleaders as pom pom waving girls or define cheer itself as yelling and jumping around on the sidelines need to see a real cheer routine. Done well cheerleading reaches levels of strength and stamina many other sports don’t. It wouldn’t be your average team that entered the Olympics. Like any sport the squad would be well thought out and would include the most impressive stunts, tumbling and dance routines cheerleading has seen.

It is considered that cheerleading would be the same as the gymnastics competition however this is not the case. Whilst cheerleading incorporates elements of gymnastics it is only one aspect. The majority of a routine consists of stunting as well as elements of dance and jumps.

Whilst it has been confirmed that cheerleading will not be involved in the 2012 London Olympics negotiations are still underway to get the sport in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Let’s give cheerleading the recognition it deserves and make it and Olympic sport.

4 thoughts on “Should cheerleading be involved in 2016 Olympic games?

  1. i believe it should be part of the olympics. Its just as hard as anny other sport, maybe in fact even harder because you have to memorize your routine and your putting yourself and others in danger when you throw someone in the air. i of course have cheerleaded and i find it alot harder than any other sport ive done. considering ive done softball, mixed marshall arts, soccer,swimming and tennis.

  2. Many people don’t have the respect for cheerleaders as they should. It IS a sport. They run, condition, and work every part of the body like any other sport. No one will understand the hard work put into cheering unless done so themselves. By being in the Olympics, it will show people world wide every aspect that is put into being the best cheerleader in the world. So everyone should give the respect to all cheerleaders.

  3. I’ve been cheerleading since I was 4 years old, I strongly think that it should be added to the 2016 Olympics.

  4. I am a hard working allstar lvl 5 cheerleader and honestly, I don’t want it in the Olympics. I fell that worlds is our own and it is very special if you get to go. If we got involved in the Olympics, it wouldn’t be as special. Also, if say a person starts cheering when there 16 and has like a punch through to double, what happens when they age out b4 Olympics? If they have been working so hard, then they can’t go

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